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To experience mezcal is a journey that begins as soon as you uncork a bottle, but whose tracks have been laid millennia prior. With time as a key ingredient in both craft and consumption of this ancestral libation, mezcal likes to take things slow. Sit with loved ones or with yourself. Turn inward or come out of your shell. Celebrate, contemplate, or just watch an afternoon pass by. Sip Curiously.

For an elevated experience, try pairing The Lost Explorer Mezcal with the following accompaniments

Sip Espadín

The approachable, welcoming aroma of Espadín will instantly transport you to the arid valleys of San Pablo Huixtepec where our Espadín grows. The sweet smoke rests gently on the roof of your mouth before giving way to a gentle, lingering finish that caresses the mouth in an even warmth.

  • Red apple & chicatana ant salt
  • Tangerine & Tajín
  • Pear, vinegar & salt

Sip Tobalá

A cozy aroma of dry tobacco, wood and cocoa gives way to subtle vanilla notes on the palate, ultimately with leather and clay notes being reminiscent of characteristics found in a fine scotch. A smooth and earthy finish carries hints of citrus and fresh spring grass.

  • Chocolate with caramel sea salt
  • Pickled mushroom & lemon peel

Sip Salmiana

On the nose, Salmiana expresses fresh green chili, vibrant grapefruit peel and agave after a rainfall. The citrus notes carry onto the palate with a sweet tint of dried herbs that lead to a spicy finish with even minerality.

  • Olives & demerara
  • Semi-pickled celery & worm salt


Balanced but bold. Venture into a world of tantalizing cocktails made with The Lost Explorer Espadín.


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