(Agave Salmiana)

100% Agave

The most herbaceous expression of all, offering a sweet and spicy profile with hints of green chili, grapefruit and fresh agave.

Origin San Pablo Huixtepec, Oaxaca
Distillation Double
12 Agave age
in years
Green chili, grapefruit peel, fresh agave after rainfall
Sweet, with fresh citrus and dried herbs
Spicy, with earthy and mineral notes

Massive in stature, this wild agave species is foraged from its preferred high-altitude, adventurous terroir. Salmiana, also known as the “Green Giant,” can grow up to 12 ft. in diameter and reach as high as 6 ft into the sky.

Sipping Suggestions

Sip Salmiana

On the nose, Salmiana expresses fresh green chili, vibrant grapefruit peel and agave after a rainfall. The citrus notes carry onto the palate with a sweet tint of dried herbs that lead to a spicy finish with even minerality.

  • Olives & demerara
  • Semi-pickled celery & worm salt

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