(agave convallis)

100% Agave

Jabalí is a rare, wild–harvested agave we selected for this unique small–batch mezcal. Considered by many to be the most exotic of all mezcals, our Jabali Limited Edition has a truly exceptional taste

Origin san pablo huixtepec, oaxaca
Distillation triple
10 Agave age
in years
Mint, coriander and black pepper
Roasted agave, pink peppercorn and wet clay
Mild layer of smoke and citrus peels

“With this limited edition Jabalí varietal, I wanted to create something truly unique and different, and decided on a Triple Distillation that takes the taste experience of this exotic mezcal to the next level.”

Fortino Ramos' Signature

Mtro. Mezcalero Fortino Ramos

Smooth . Complex . Earthy

Sipping Suggestions

Sip Jabalí

Sipping Jabalí, you can taste the meticulous process combined with the plant’s particular terroir preference. This brings notes of fresh herbs, bright citrus, and hints of pepper.

  • cherry tomatoes & olive oil
  • olives & oregano
  • tapenade toast

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