The Art of Sipping

How to drink mezcal as a sensory experience

The Art of Sipping

Mezcal is a spirit of time. Each agave used to make mezcal takes many years to grow to maturity in the earth before it is harvested and distilled. Even after the 8, 10, 12, or more years growing, the agaves will spend days roasting in earthen pits and days more fermenting before being filtered and distilled. To appreciate the complexities born from this time, it’s best to bring your full presence to the sipping experience—not in an overly precious way, but just with a heightened awareness to the senses.

Mezcal takes a slow and thoughtful process to make, and it asks for a thoughtful process to enjoy.

Set the atmosphere

As humans, we are incredibly sensitive to our environments—even in the most subtle ways we may not realize. Take a moment to check in with your surroundings and make them right for the moment. Is there a special spot of sunlight you want to have around? Would you like the aromas of incense, palo santo, copal to accompany you on this journey?

Choose the right vessel

The best way to sip mezcal is using a copita. The wide mouth opening allows the aromas to approach your senses more evenly (versus a narrow-mouthed sipping glass, where the aromas become concentrated after the alcohol evaporates). You can still sip mezcal beautifully from a flute, and some prefer this more intense aromatic experience. We personally prefer the more casual feel of a copita.


Before the liquid even touches your tongue, take a moment to embrace its scent. Dot a small amount of mezcal onto the inside of your wrist or back of your hand and rub it onto your skin. This is how you get to know the aromas of each mezcal: the alcohol evaporates to leave the smell of the sugars from the roasted agave.


Awaken your palate first with just a small touch of the liquid to the roof of your mouth and behind your teeth. This prepares it for what’s about to come.

Next, take the tiniest sip you can. Think of it as kissing the mezcal. Leave the mezcal on your tongue for a few seconds as you awaken the taste buds and prepare them for the complexities. The flavors you’ll experience are from agaves that have spent 8, 10, or 12 years (in the case of our mezcals) in the earth, growing to maturity. These are a lot more complex than grain- or grape-based spirit.

From here, sip curiously. Seek the unique flavors of each agave, embracing the complexity of this mystical gift of Nature. If lost, stay lost.

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