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Dear friends,

Like a tree loses its leaves or an animal sheds its skin, if there is one constant in Nature it’s change.

In 2015 when we decided to launch The Lost Explorer we also had one constant and that was to do as Nature would. So with this in mind it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that like Nature we’ve decided to change, to forge a new path, to start exploring new ways of thinking and more importantly doing.

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The Lost Explorer as a brand will continue to serve up curiosities by focusing in on the first ever product we launched in 2015, Mezcal. We’ve spent the last year developing 3 new blends, building a world class team and production facility in Oaxaca while also continuing our partnership with Nature by making sure we produce the most sustainable Mezcal possible.

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When it comes to continuing on our mission to give Nature a voice, we have organized all our projects, purpose and passions into one place. We hope you will be as excited to continue following this part of our work as we are to share it with you and our wider community. Together, we can be a Voice for Nature.

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And for all of you who have asked what’s going to happen to the clothes and the wellness, don’t worry we won’t leave you naked or without food for your skin for too long! We’re taking the lessons learned and mixing them into some new ones so we can carry on evolving.

Thank you for being part of the team! We look forward to many more adventures together.

~ Gail, Summer, Mariah, David, Martin, Katie and Jess